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 Testimonials - Weapons

Go To Product...

I have used your product on a bunch of builds and test fired them in MINUS wind chill weather!!! I want to work together on this as I want you to be my only “go to” product!!!
I’M SOLD!!!!

Jason Woida
Jaws Arms

Better than the CLP...

I need some more, I am running out. Better than the CLP I used in the marine corps. ~Steve Miller, Phoenix AZ

Shooting today with weapons I rarely clean. A quick field strip and clean with NFUSED. Made them work flawless. Especially my new KEL-TEK pmr30 22 mag auto the powerful 22 mag handgun in the world. ~Steve Miller, Phoenix, AZ

Great Product...

Cindy, your product did great.

I did some extensive training for two days in the desert and the lubricant didn’t break down or dry up.


Armstrong Outfitters...

Rarely do I endorse a product. It has to really work and work well before I do. Thus, that brings me to the NFUSED Oil and Weapons cleaner I found at Shot Show 2017 this year. This product is a water based cleaner safe for all firearms and fishing reels. I have used this product for about 9 months now and found it to be spectacular. Reels that are 10-15 years old have never worked as good as they do now and Weapons cleaning is cut down by several minutes and the oil makes for a smoother operation and cycling. If you are looking for something that actually works, is not a gimmick and has folks that stand behind their research, product and sales.....then try these guys out. You won't be disappointed.

Kirk Armstrong Owner Operator Armstrong Outfitters Freedom Fish..."Veteran Non Profit for those that Served."

Clings Well...

While the Cleaner was more than adequate, I really liked the way the lubricant coated the parts on the weapons that I tried it on.  After I fired a few rounds and disassembled them, the lubricant was still evenly distributed and clinging well to the parts it was applied to.

Stan, Denver, CO

Easy to Use...

I am a law enforcement officer required to keep my weapon clean and in working order. I don't want to use my weapon but when I need to use it, I need it to work.  I used to use Militec but recently I found Nfused cleaner and lubricant which is quick and easy to use. I can count on it.


Militec Vs NFused...

Somewhat of a big gun guy, I feel it is a necessity for protection. I have used Militec but a friend recommended Nfused.  I am surprised but happy to find something better.



Cindy, if you remember me, Rodney from BARRELS-N-BULLETS GUN SHOP, Elephant Butte, NM. I just got 3500 eds on my G-34 competition gun. I forgot to do the video for you. But I well write up a good review of your product. I think the world of it. Sprayed cleaner on it, let set overnight. Next morning sprayed it again and used a tooth brush and it came out has clean as can be. I'll be ordering more.


This Stuff is Awesome...

I have a safe full of guns and I am meticulous about caring for my weapons. With the NFUSED water based cleaner, I was able to clean my guns in the house without the solvent smell. This stuff is awesome.

Performed Extremely Well...

Let me introduce myself,  my name is Ronald Cole,  I have been involved with firearms since an early age.  Starting with hunting as a youth,  then on to military with multiple tours in Vietnam.  Eventually working in a large gun shop,  learning gunsmithing over the next dozen years via OJT and much studying. I have been given the opportunity to test this product,  and did so quite extensively.

My conclusions after extensive use of the product is that this is a quality product. It is effective when used as directed,  one thing I found to be a plus was the fact that the cleaner was water based allowing me to rinse parts in hot water.  This made it easier to accomplish the next step which is lubrication.  I dried my parts with hot air.  This brought the parts up to the required 150° that's indicated in the instruction as the temperature required to apply the lubricant.  After thorough cleaning,  drying and lubricating we test fired rifles, pistols and revolvers.  All firearms tested seemed to have a smoother feel on moving parts,  including slides, magazines,  cylinders and all other moving parts.  Testing of an AR in 9mm that had been exhibiting problems with feed, fire and ejection proved to be very positive,  with no issues after tear down, complete cleaning and lubricating with N-fused. Semiautomatic pistols felt smoother in their operation as well. We also tested the product in the rain to see that it would hold up under adverse conditions,  it performed extremely well.  Thank you for allowing me to test this product,  I feel that you have a fine product and should have no problems with marketing to the general public.

 Testimonials - Friction Reducing Metal Conditioner for Automobiles / Motorcycles

International Praise...

I´m writting from Asunción-Paraguay, please let me know if is possible to become a dealer here in my country, i bought your products from Amazon, for use in two stroke vintage motorcycles and cars, and it works very well!!

Juan, Dealer in Paraguay


Been using it in my valve body’s in my rebuilt Transmissions and this stuff is the real deal!!!

Darrell Ray Pierce

Mercedes Benze 2008 R-320 CDI...

Been using it in my valve body’s in my rebuilt Transmissions and this stuff is the real deal!!! ~Darrell Ray Pierce
This product “SEEMS” to be a good product for my Mercedes Benz 2008 R-320 CDI, after putting the product in with the oil apparently the throttle lag, noise of diesel knock, turbo response and other lubricant related properties seemed to smooth out. Thank you for your product. 

J. Boone