About us

Without any preconceived notions about what a great friction reducing metal conditioner could or should be, Charlie Mitchell set out to do what he has done many times throughout his life; make things better. From his earliest days as a 12-year-old boy, while his dad serving in Vietnam, Charlie learned lessons that remain part of his foundation today; make things better, honor your word, and always approach things with an open mind.

Charlie has approached his entire professional life with that same simple code he discovered while traveling to many Air Force bases with his family. For example; when he was a boy, he was mowing hatch patterns into lawns when other kids did not. As a teen, he was bartering for boat time and gas on the Navesink  river in Highlands, NJ so he could take his dad out on the river. In Germany, he saw opportunity where other people did not. While watching the ebb and flow of Air Force personnel arriving and departing, he used his out-of-the-box thinking to identify a market need and create a solution for the departing and arriving personnel and their cars. He could see what others did not.

Charlie has been called many things in his career, including a mad scientist. At times that may be true, but ultimately he is uncompromising in his pursuit of solutions. He has approached the development of NFUSED metal conditioner with the same simple tenants he has employed throughout his life which are; see the need, solve the need with innovative thinking, and do it better than everyone else. This is exactly what he has done with the NFUSED branded products. 

With NFUSED Charlie Mitchell has, once again, created something better. After running NFUSED products through a rigorous testing cycle at an independent lab the results were obvious. NFUSED out-performed the competition.

Charlie’s tradition of excellence and an uncompromising spirit is reflected in the team here at NFUSED. We build our company one customer at a time with the highest quality product, by honoring our word and our commitments to service. Give NFUSED products a try and you will become a member of our customer family.  


Charles Mitchell
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