NFUSED® Frequently Asked Questions for Firearms

How does NFUSED® compare with other firearms lubricants?

Other lubricants form a temporary coating on the surface of metal - a coating that can dry out or get rubbed off, leaving the weapon unprotected. In contrast, NFUSED® actually becomes part of the metal, not merely a film on the surface.

How do I use it?

Apply a light coat of NFUSED® to all metal surfaces, including the bore. On exterior surfaces, burnish rapidly with a patch. The heat and friction of firing will activate NFUSED on inner surfaces.

Do I have to get the old lube off first?

Some lubes can leave a residue that may partially block NFUSED®’s effectiveness. If you’ve used older lubes extensively, or if your firearm is very dirty, it’s a good idea to clean it thoroughly with a good quality solvent before your first application of NFUSED®.

How do I clean my gun when I use NFUSED®? Should I still use a cleaner or solvent?

Many folks throw their solvent away after using NFUSED®. When NFUSED®’s chemical action seals the metal, fouling and debris don’t stick. Firearms clean up beautifully using only a cloth lightly dampened with NFUSED® and a patch down the bore.

How does NFUSED® work with stainless steel?

Great! NFUSED® has been used on stainless steel weapons for many years with complete success.

Will NFUSED® harm the bluing on my firearm?

No! If anything, NFUSED® will add new luster and depth to the finish.

How does NFUSED® affect plastic and composite frames and grips?

NFUSED has been tested and proven completely safe for all plastics, composites and wood finishes.

What happens if I get NFUSED® on my ammo?

NFUSED will not harm your ammo.

Why does NFUSED® cost so much?

It doesn’t! NFUSED® is extremely concentrated. A single 1 oz. bottle of NFUSED® usually lasts far longer than a 4 oz. bottle of other lubes.

How does NFUSED® work with black powder?

Just fine. To get maximum benefit, fire at least one shot with a slightly wet coating of NFUSED® in the bore, then return to normal dry-bore conditions.

Will it damage primers like WD-40 does?

Absolutely not. NFUSED® has no effect on primers.

How will NFUSED® work in extreme weather?

NFUSED® has been tested extensively in the sweltering jungles of Panama and Colombia, the frigid winters of Alaska and Minnesota, the dry blowing dust and sand of Desert Storm, and the soggy rain of Great Britain, Puget Sound and New England. In all these conditions, NFUSED® weapons fired first time, every time.

Is NFUSED® used exclusively on firearms?

No! NFUSED® can be used with all types of machinery. Typical uses include both two- and four-cycle Diesel and gasoline engines of all sizes; automotive and industrial transmissions and differentials; compressors of all types including refrigeration; assembly-line speed reduction gears; electric motors; pumps; etc. It is also an excellent cutting fluid for the most difficult lathe and mill work. From nuclear-powered submarines to dental drills, rock crushers to bicycles, air conditioners to sewing machines, NFUSED literally works anywhere two pieces of metal rub together.